1. What was your initial inspiration to do this? And what year was it?
I was a performance photographer before turning into photography. When I started  doing this was 2000. I only used photography to record the procedure of my performance art then. After "Li Wei falls into.."series, I found this way of shooting as my signal.
2. How many photos of this type have you done?
Well, it's really hard to count. Almost 150+. You can go to my website to check: www.liweiart.com

3. There are conflicting reports: Do you use wires and scaffolding or not?
I use wires at my back. I wear special costumes so that the wires can match. But no scaffolding, just a simple stand to lift myself high.

4. What picture was the most difficult to get?
I often shoot in dangerous situation. For example, high buildings, lakes, ice holes, even a car. I think the picture itself it's not difficult. I have my own photographer who cooperate with me for 10 years so. What difficult is the dangerous situation. I cannot make myself hurt.
5. Have there been any accidents while you're on the job?
Of course. Sometime I almost hurt myself. But luckliy not serious.
6. How much time does a photo take?
The shooting time costs 1 hour or 2. But for preparation, hard to say, sometimes several months. I mean, from the idea comes out till realize it.
7. Have you had any problem convincing your models to take part?
No. My models are my friends. If I need groups of them, for example shooting advertisement, I'll ask a company for help. My daughter is also my model.
8. What would be your dream photo?
To make everything impossible possible. I hope one day I can shoot on the moon with a rocket.

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