Artist: 李(日韦)Li Wei

Li Wei

My Life

Sep. 5th, 1970, I grew up in the countryside in Jingzhou, Hubei province, along the Yangtze River.

1975, I went to the primary school. During the busy seasons, the school will let us transplant rice seedlings. We sometimes just cook the crops we get and eat them. The nature nurtures my childhood. For having fun, I also stand on the shoulder of my friend who is taller than me.

1980, I went to middle school. I remembered there was a big flood when the school started. The houses in the village were all drowned, so we lived on the trees beside the houses! Children play with the doors in the flood every day, the nature leaves me many unforgettable memories.

1982, I transferred to another military school in Yichang. That is a very big military institution, which investigates bombs, submarines, torpedos, and all of the naval weapons. At that time, I tried the real military helicopter, submarine and weapons. Half of the teachers are the staff from the institution, and that was the first time I felt knowledge and imagination are powerful.

1989, I started to learn oil painting in Yueyang.

1990, I studied painting in Changsha. I felt very happy and satisfied to paint in the mountain area and though orange trees.

1993, I went to Beijing to study painting in a college.

1996, I started to do performance art.

1998, I worked with a film crew for one month in Wuxi. I started to know that each scene can be created. I even began to wonder if the city Wuxi itself is fake after leaving the city.

1999, I started to do image creation. I worked for a photo studio, and knew my photographer Jiangzi at that time. Then I quit at the second half of the year and began to create freely on my own. Life experiences have a great influence on my art creation.

Art resumes

Art resumes
1970  born in Hubei
1993  Admitted to Oil Painting Department of Beijing East Culture Art Academy.
       Now lives in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions and project

“Bride with lotus feet”,798 International Art
“Fly”,Zhengzhou Greeland Twins Tower
“Fly over Cottesloe”,“Sculpture by the sea”, Australia,

"Beyond Gravity", Galerie Richard, NYC, Oct.9-Nov.14,
The exhibition "Vision" is presented at Paris photo at the grand palais from the 11-15th, Nov

“Fly over Amsterdam, Rotterdam” Holland"
“Fly over Milan,” Italiy
“Fly at The Grand Palace Paris” France
“LiWei-High Place” Pairs-Beijing Gallery ,France
LiWei,the flying chineseman “Happiness Theory” GRID2014,Amsterdam.
“LiWei-High Place” Pairs-Beijing Gallery ,Brussels,
“Fly over the Ringling museum of art” USA, Florida

“Autostadt”, Wolfsburg, Germany
“Flying of Dreams”, ZAT Montpellier, France
“Anti Gravity”ShangHai
 “Li Wei”, Dock Sud gallery, France.
“Li Wei”, Parc de la Villette, Paris.
“The High Life Of Liwei”, Kunst.Licht Photo Art Gallery,Shanghai.


“Li Wei_Lucca Photo Fest”, Lucca, Italy.

“Photo Phnom Penh”, Cambodia.
“Beyond Gravity” 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong.
“Li Wei Performance ‘Take Away’ ”  Shanghai Tang, Hong Kong.

“Li Wei” Galeria Tribeca, Madrid, Spain.
“The Amazing Mirror Maze Of The Self” Michael Schultz Gallery Beijing.
“Besides Gravity”, Mogadishni Cph Gallery, Denmark.

“Li Wei ”Solo Exhibition, Ye Rong Jia Culture & Art Foundation, Taiwan.

“Li Wei Falls To …”,Espace Cultural Ample Gallery,Spain.

“Li Wei”Exhibition,Pyo Gallery,Seoul,
“Transcendence:A Mirror Of China”, The:Artist:Network New York, New York.
“Li Wei”Exhibition,10 Chancery Lane Gallery,Central Hong Kong.
“Li Wei” Exhibition, Grleria Espacio Minimo,Madrid,Spain.

“Illusory Reality” Exhibition, Marella Gallery,Beijing.

“Li Wei” Exhibition, Marella Gallery, Italy.

Group Exhibitions

“Extreme freedom”, Dongli art center, Beijing
《Sculpture by the sea》Indoor Winter Exhibition, Australia,2016.7.25-2016.8.5
《Ren》’Homme,Centre Artasia Paris.Paris
“Metabolism- Chinese (Longli) new media art", Longli, Guizhou, China
"2016 Art Zhengzhou", Global China contemporary art exhibition, Zhengzhou
"The 3rd Nanjing international art festival", Nanjing, China

"Chinese Sculpture Exhibition"Biennal Montreux2015   Montreux Switzerland 2015 Agu.-Nov.
"He come from China"MAG11th (Montreux Art Gallery)  2015 11.4-11.8
"Chinese Men"  Vevey Switzerland,by Ferrari Art Gallery & The CROSS YinnaYang Art Centrr 2015.11.12-12.12

“Photography and Video Art in China Now”,The Ringling Museum of Art,USA
“Itinerary” Gidang Museum, Korea
“Liquid Times” Seoul Museum of Art
“Bin He 1996-2004”Song Zhuang Museum of Art

“The 55th Venice Biennale ”Venice Biennale Kenya Pavilion, Italy
“Norev-Over” , colle     ctive photography and video exhibition, Beijing
“The Rapture of Romantic Illusions”,Fudi Aromatic Villa,Shanghai
“IncarnatIons ”Photographie-Performan de chine ,France Angers
"The change -- the second Hunan young artists nominated Exhibition"ChangSha
 “See But Not Now” ShangHai
“ Roots Of Relations”Songzhuang Art Center Bejjing

2013 Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival”France

"Standing At The Water's Edge",M97 Gallery, Shanghai.
“Dream City Tunisia 2012”, Tunis
“A History of Chinese Contemporary Photography”, Paris-Beijing Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
“Daydreaming With…”,HK.
“Research Exhibition On ‘Post-70s Generation’Artists Jianghan Star Plan 2012 Rejoice In Dissensus”,WuHan Art Museum.
“Monzza Shunde Biennale”, Italy
“L’Art De La Radiance-30th Anniversary Celebration Presented By Cle De Peau Beaute”.HK.
“Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Katonah Museum Of Art,US.
“Now!China!Korea!2012!-Contemporary Korean And Chinese Art Exhibition” Beijing

“Lucca Photo Fest”, Lucca, Italy.
“I believe that…-Chinese contemporary art exhibition”,Songzhuang Museum,Beijing .
“Divided by The Curtains”, Beijing Times Art Museum
“Chinese Visual Festival 2011-lost In Transformation”,Londom.
“Li Wei & aleiandro miranda”,Galerie Daniel tanner gmbh,Zurich, Switaerland.
“St.Moritz masters”, St.Moritz,Switaerland.
“box(e)” ,Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan, Italy.
“Remaking Vision” Travelling Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Photography.

“Daegu Photo Biennale 2010”, Daegu, Korea.
“Passing China" Gallery Sanstorium, Istanbul, Turkey.
"Fuck Ups, Fables And Fiascos", Galerie Caprice Horn, Berlin.
“Foundation Vevey, Ville D'images”, Festival Images, Switzerland.
“China Photographs Madrid”,Madrid Pavilion Of The EXPO 2010,Shanghai.
“Mostra Sesc De Artes 2010”, St.  Paul, In Brazil.
“China Welcomes You Begegnungen 2010”,Stadtmuseum Oldenburg.

“Photo Phnom Penh”, Cambodia

“Width”,Museum Of Contemporary Art Beijing, China.
“Beijing Time”, Matadero Madrid ,Madrid ,Spain.
“China: The Contemporary Rebirth”, Palazzo Reale Museum, Milan, Italy.
Mouvement d'Art Public/Make Art Public (MAP), Canada.
“The View From Elsewhere” Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) In Partnership With Queensland Art Gallery Present; Gallery Of Modern Art/Australian Cinematheque.
"China Now: The Edge Of Desire",Maxlang And Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art Presents,US.
“Action-Camera: Beijing Performance Photography”, Morris And Helen Belkin Art Gallery,Vancouver.
“Incarnations”, Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery,Beijing 798.

“Fabricating Images From History”,Chinablue Gallery,Beijing.
“Consumption Of History”, East Asia Contemporary,Shanghai,China.
“Out Of Place”,Robischon Gallery, Denver, USA.
“Beijing 2008”, Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland
“Supernatural: China's Contemporary Photography”,Artgate Gallery,NY.
“Assembling Under The Five Rings”, The Legend Luxury & Entertainment Center, Beijing.
“Body Art:New Photography From China”, Asian Art Coordinating Council, Denver, USA.
“Drawn In The Clouds: Contemporary Asian Art” Museum Of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki.
“Olhares Interiores-Inward Gazes”-Documentaries Of Performances Art-Museum Of Macao.
"Immoral Facts And Fables", Galerie Caprice Horn,Berlin.

“Red Hot - Asian Art Today From The Chaney Family Collection”, Museum Of Fine Arts,Houston,
“Floating”-New Generation Of Art In China, National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Korea.
“Made In China-China Art Now”, Louisiana Museum,Danmark.
“Liwei Weihong Huanyan”, Barbaradavisgallery, Houston,
“The 38th Recontres De Arles Photographie”,Arles,France.
“Chinese Photography”,Criterion Gallery,Australia.
“Dragon's Evolution”, New York China-Square Art Center.
“Surge”, Beijing 798,
“The 7th Gana Photo Festival -CHINA Contemporary Photo & Vide,Gana Art Center,Seoul,
“Szene-Sommer’07”, Salzburg, Austria.
“Zhuyi”,Artium Museum,Spain.
“China Now: Lost In Transition”, Eli Klein Gallery,NY
“Surrealites”, Centrepasquart Art Center, Switzerland

“China-Between Past And Future”,And Performances Art-Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt/House Of World Cultures,Berlin,Germany,
“Cold Energy”,PYO,Beijing.
“Park In Progress”, France
“For All Audiences”,Sala Rekalde Art Museum,Bilbao,Spain
“Retours De Chine”,Toulouse Art Museum, France

“Olhares Interiores-Inward Gazes”-Documentaries Of Performances Art-Museum Of Macao,
“The Second Reality” Photographs From China,"Piazza"Of The Berlaymont Building,European Commission.
“New Photographers 2006”, Cannes
“The Gesture-A Visual Library In Progress”, Macedonian Museum Of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece, Centro Produzione Arte, Florence, Italy
“Ruins`Flowers”, Ox Warehouse, Macau.
“Out Of The Red-2”, Marella Gallery, Italy
“70 Empress Arts”, Today Art Museum,Beijing.

“Between Past And Future- New Photography And Video From China”, Icp,Asia Society, New York.Smart Museum Of Art, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
“Officina Asia”, Bologna, Galleriad’Arte Moderna Cesena,,Italy,
“Tiananmen” Exhibition.Paris. France
“Mmac” Exhibition. Japan
“Artificial Merriment”. Melbourne, Australia
“Follia” Exhibition. Italy

“China Art Now -- Out Of The Red”, Flashart Museum,  Italy
“I Am China  -- Chinese Conceptual Photography”,  SOHO,  Beijing
“Manufactured Happiness”  Shangri-La Art Space,  Beijing
“The Peripheries Become The Center” .  Prague Biennial
“DNA” Visual.  Beijing
“Bare Androgyny”.  Beijing
“Seoul-Asia Art Now” Exhibition.  Seoul Museum

“Flying --Performance, Photography, Video”, Beijing Red Square, Beijing
“The 2nd 'Pingyao' International Photography”,  Pingyao, Shanxi, China
“Red Square - Contemporary Art” , Beijing Red Square, Beijing
“Mask Vs Face”, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
“Bogus---Chinese Conceptual Photography” , Hall Of Capital Normal University, Beijing         
“Mois De La Photo --Histoires De Chine”, Auxerre Museum, France

“0℃” Art Exhibition, Beijing Bridge Art , Beijing
“Constructed Reality--Beijing/Hong Kong Conceptual Photography”, Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong
“Pawn·Com --  Site Performance”, Happy Garden Bar, Beijing.
“Scar--Chinese Conceptual Photography”, Exhibition Hall Of Capital Normal University, Beijing
“Site Of City -- Four Person Conceptual Photography”, Fun Gallery, Beijing.

“Open Art Platform”, Performance Art Festival, Beijing.

"Macau Art Museum Overseas Communicate The Prize"-Macau Art Museum, 2005
"31 Photographers With The Most Creative World"-American Getty, 2006


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1970    9月5日生于中国湖北
1993    就读于北京东方文化艺术学院油画专业


“飞越Cottesloe”,“Sculpture by the sea”海滨雕塑艺术节个人项目, Australia,2月22-3月12
“超越重力”, Galerie Richard, 纽约, 10月9日-11月14日
巴黎大皇宫Photo Paris摄影博览会李伟个人项目展览LiWei Vision,展出时间是11月11-15日

“Happiness Theory” GRID2014 ,阿姆斯特丹,荷兰

“飞行之梦”,ZAT 蒙彼利埃,法国
 “Li Wei 李 (日韦)”, Dock Sud Gallery, 法国 Sete.
“Li Wei 李 (日韦)”, Parc De La Villette, 巴黎.
“李(日韦)的高空生活”, Kunst.Licht Photo Art Gallery,上海。
“Li Wei_Lucca Photo Fest”, Lucca, 意大利
“Li Wei 李 (日韦)-2010柬埔寨摄影节”,金边,柬埔寨
“引力之外”, 香港10 Chancery Lane 画廊
“Li Wei performance ‘Take Away’ ”  5月27日  香港 Shanghai Tang 品牌总店
“李 (日韦)” Galeria TRIBECA, 马得里, 西班牙
“镜子-迷宫里的自我” 秀瓷当代画廊,北京
“Besides Gravity”, Mogadishni CPH gallery, 丹麦
“李 (日韦) –我行动故我在”个展 荣嘉文化艺术基金会, 台湾
“李 (日韦) 撞入…”,Espace Cultural Ample 画廊, 西班牙
“李 (日韦)” 艺术个展, PYO画廊, 首尔
“一面中国的镜子”,The:artistnetwork new york, 纽约
“李 (日韦)” 艺术个展,西班牙Grleria Espacio Minimo画廊
“李 (日韦)” 艺术个展,香港10 Chancery Lane 画廊,
“虚幻的真实” 艺术个展,意大利 Marella projectspace,北京798
“李 日韦”艺术个展,意大利 Marella projectspace


《Sculpture by the sea》Indoor Winter Exhibition, Australia,2016.7.25-2016.8.5
《人》’Homme,Centre Artasia Paris.Paris
《新陈代谢-中国(隆里)新媒体艺术》 贵州隆里
《2016艺术郑州》“全球中国Global China”当代艺术展,郑州
《中国雕塑展》瑞士蒙特勒2015国际双年展,蒙特勒,2015.8-2015.11  瑞吉盛世艺术中心
"From Heaven to Hell", Boghossian基金会,比利时
“Festival du Regard艺术节”,Paris
“2015 第三届中国-意大利当代艺术双年展”,意大利,都灵

“中国当代影像艺术”,TheRingling 美术馆,美国
“旅程”Gidang Museum,韩国济州岛美术馆
“液态文明”中韩当代艺术展 首尔美术馆 韩国

“现实之上没有梦想”,中法当代摄影展 北京
“《视而不现》 上海优上艺术空间
“关系的根源”中韩交流展 北京

2013Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival 法国

 “ 李?(中国)-马克 贝尔坦(意大利)特别展  ”意大利Museum  Lissone Brianza
“自然之心- 意中艺术双年展“群展  意大利 莫扎特皇家花园
“ 中国当代摄影史“群展  比利时  布鲁塞尔。
突尼斯摄影双年展 “Dream City 2012” Tunis
“Daydreaming with…”, 香港太古.
“江汉繁星计划·70后艺术家研究展·创异的喜悦”, 武汉美术馆
“L’ART DE LA RADIANCE- Cle de Peau Beaute” 30周年庆典.香港太古.
“Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Katonah Museum of Art,美国.
Now! China! Korea! 2012! ”,天画廊,北京.
北京 寺上美术馆“观念维新—中国当代影像简史”群展

 “Lucca Photo Fest”, Lucca, 意大利
“Chinese Visual Festival 2011-lost In Transformation”,Londom.
“li wei & aleiandro miranda”,Galerie Daniel tanner gmbh,Zurich, 瑞士
“St.Moritz masters”, St.Moritz,瑞士.
“box(e)” ,Jerome Zodo Contemporary, 米兰, Italy.
“Remaking Vision” Travelling Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Photography.东京

“2010大邱摄影双年展”, 大邱,韩国
“Passing China " Gallery Sanstorium, 伊斯坦布尔,土耳其
"Fuck Ups, Fables And Fiascos" ,Galerie Caprice Horn, 柏林,德国
“Foundation Vevey, Ville D'images”, Festival Images摄影节, 维威,瑞士
“China Photographs Madrid” ,上海世博会西班牙马德里馆
"Mostra Sesc De Artes 2010”, 圣保罗,巴西
“China Welcomes You - Begegnungen 2010”, 奥尔登堡市立美术馆,奥尔登堡,德国

“北京时间”, 马得里, 西班牙
“China: the Contemporary rebirth”, Palazzo Reale 美术馆, 意大利
Mouvement d'Art Public/Make Art Public (MAP), 加拿大
“The view from elsewhere” Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF); Gallery of Modern Art/Australian Cinematheque,澳大利亚
"China Now: The Edge of Desire",Maxlang and Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art Presents, 美国
“Action-Camera: Beijing Performance Photography”, Morris and helen Belkin Art Gallery, 温哥华
“化身”, 巴黎·北京画廊 北京798

 “历史的消耗”, 东亚艺术,上海
“Out of place”, Robischon Gallery, 丹佛, 美国
Supernatural: China's Contemporary Photography”,Artgate Gallery,NY
“Beijing 2008”, Olympic Museum, 洛桑, 瑞士
“Body Art:New Photography From China”, Asian Art Coordinating Council, 丹佛
“Drawn in the Clouds: Contemporary Asian Art”  KIASMA当代艺术馆, 赫尔辛基
“北京九月 —中国影像艺术学术梳理第一回展”,中央美术学院展览厅
"Immoral Facts and Fables", Galerie Caprice Horn,Berlin.

“RED HOT - Asian Art Today From The Chaney Family Collection”,休斯敦Fine Arts 美术馆.
“李 日韦. 魏红.黄炎”, Barbaradavisgallery, 美国休斯敦
“中国制造-中国现在艺术”, 丹麦 Louisiana 美术馆
“中国摄影”,Criterion 画廊,澳大利亚
“SURGE”, 北京798,
“第7届 Gana 摄影节”,Gana 艺术中心,Seoul,
“注意- 中国当代摄影和影像”, 西班牙 Artium美术馆.
“China Now: Lost In Transition”, Eli Klein Gallery,纽约
“Surrealites”, Centrepasquart 艺术中心, 瑞士
“La Cina E' Vicina”, 意大利那波利美术馆

“China-Between Past And Future”,And Performances Art-德国柏林世界文化宫。
“Cold Energy”,PYO,北京
“Park In Progress”, 法国
“For All Audiences”,SALA REKALDE 美术馆,BILBAO,西班牙

" Out Of The Red-2",意大利
“The Gesture-A Visual Library In Progress”, Macedonian Museum Of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece, Centro Produzione Arte,  Florence, Italy
“70后艺术”, 上海明园艺术中心,北京今日美术馆,
“New Photographers 2006”,戛纳广告节

“Between Past and Future- New Photography and Video from China”,  ICP,Asia  Society, New York.Smart Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art,Chicago.
“Officina Asia”,  意大利
“人造的欢乐” 展, 澳大利亚墨尔本
"Follia"展, 意大利

"China Art Now---Out Of The Red",意大利 FlashArt 美术馆.
“边缘变成中心” ---布拉格双年展
“DNA 基因影像”展---北京
“雌雄胴体” ,北京798
“汉城—亚洲新艺术”,   汉城美术馆

“Mois De La Photo”--Histoires De Chine 展,法国Auxerre美术馆





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