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Italian journalist

1. How did you reach photography?
  I began to make photographs as a record of my performances, and then later on I started creating photographic works

2. Digital technique opened a new expression panorama. What do you think
about that?
Our works all bear a subjective quality, and digital photography can realize my ideas better! Furthermore it fits in with the modern state of ¡°illusive reality¡±, and the works are also something that can exist or happen in this ¡°illusive reality¡±.

3. How do you create an art work? (beginning format, framing, point of view,
subject, digital elaboration).
First, I have a certain idea, then I look for a definite environment suitable for the photography, and then do a few finishing touches with the computer. Actually, my works are much more a record of the live performance than anything¡­ I only use the computer to smooth over some small defects. So the work is very much real, becoming a reality in this ¡°illusive reality¡±.

4. Why do you put in the photo a lonely face (inside a bubble or in a cloud
My works have all a common theme, expressing the reality of this ¡°illusive reality¡± or that of a kind of ¡°incidental reality¡±. This is the characteristic of modernity. We live in a so-called highly civilized society, which under the seemingly peaceful and tranquil surface, conceals disasters which are more unforeseen, more sudden and more destructive than possibly thought. Moreover in this digital age we can all feel how what all big politicians and economist magnates call global conferences and forums, are only a game which they pull off for the people to see. Wars, terrorism, disasters, economical crisis, and deceits and crimes by political and economical circles follow us all along. And, what is the truth to wars? We are already in a state of chaos. People are no longer face to face with the sincere contact of intimacy, but only communicate intimately with the illusory ¡°him¡± or ¡°her¡±. My head represents a soul and spirit. The true spirit and soul exists in the heart of everyone, but is also very lonely and one does not have genuine contact with it.

5. How are your works considered in China?
In China, my works have been well received.

6. Which are the traditional art influences on you? And from art outside
Artistically, I¡¯m inspired by the spiritual ideas in people¡¯s lives, or by the authentic state present in their thoughts¡­ not the reality of superficial symbols, but the illusive reality of the mind. My influences come from both the east and west.

7. Can we say that digital photos are the step forward performances?
People are no longer so interested or affected by a kind of direct experience or a direct feeling of excitement, but are more willing to excite thoughts and the consciousness.


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